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Yunex Traffic implements ITS projects in the biggest Polish cities – Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Bialystok, Rzeszow and Tychy, on express roads and tunnels all over Poland and managing technical infrastructure. The company is also the creator of an innovative solution – bicycle totem.

Development of ITS in Polish cities

Yunex Traffic has been implementing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) since 2003 in Poland. Currently we operate and develop our presence in six Polish cities

Priority for emergency vehicles in Rzeszow

The system assists in the daily operations of ambulance, fire and police departments by automatically tracking the truck in action and turning on the green light, ensuring faster and safer passage through the intersection.

ROute+ – traffic management not only in the city

The ROute+ system can not only be used to control signs, variable message signs, prismatic signs, lane control signals and barriers on roads or in tunnels.

Bicycle Totem in Warsaw

New devices tell cyclists how to go to the green light, improving safety and comfort of cyclists. This is the result of cooperation between Warsaw road engineers from the City Roads Authority and Yunex Traffic

Development of traffic control and management systems in tunnels in Poland

For several years we have been equipping Poland’s largest tunnels with advanced traffic control and management systems